Increase User Experience

Our easy to use Web Portal will give you the ability to add any number of games and models to allow for facial projection. Our Android/iOS Mobile Application can be used and customized to integrate with your existing mobile tapplication, or act as a stand-alone.

Generate New Revenue

You paid a lot of money to create these characters…why not put them to work! By using our software, you can choose to sell these as in-game purchase, add-on to premium bundles, or boost existing purchasable items by offering free stock characters. Either way, you'll be giving your users what they want while gaining and adding new revenue, all the while keeping your focus on making the best game possible.

Project And Data Management

Our system offers a full project management system for adding and tracking both games and models, as well as allowing customization of our mobile facial projection app. Data tracking and projections are displayed in a beautiful GUI,providing an excellent up-to-date read on what models and games your users are most actively involved with.